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Real Food To-Go in Chico, CA

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Enloe Medical Center tries REAL Food To-Go as a high quality cafe meal program

REAL Food is what your body asks for on a daily basis, but these days it can seem like a small feat to make a home cooked meal, much less a freshly tossed chicken-bacon pasta with scratch-made alfredo topped with garden-fresh herbs. At Enloe Medical Center our team of Chefs, Managers, and Nutritionists decided to start making REAL Food To Go; a café offering that features freshly made meals that are ready to heat up in your oven at home. These comforting and balanced meals feature a high quality scratch-made protein, vegetable and starch. 

Many of our locations are offering #REALFood To Go options with the understanding that our Hospital Caretakers spend long hours on their feet with high demand on their physical and emotional being. At the end of the day, our operators thought it would be nice to offer our valuable hospital workers a dish to take home that isn’t pizza. Instead, it’s a healthy meal made with care by people who love to nourish you through good food. Below are some examples from the Allspice Café at Enloe Medical center. For $7.99 you can have a balanced and generous meal that both comforts and fuels your body. If you’re in the Chico, California area and would like to try our offerings, the Allspice Café is open to the public and welcomes you to dine with us once COVID-19 precautions are lifted.