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To-Go Dinners in Clovis, CA

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Take and Bake at Clovis Community Medical Center

Are you in the Clovis, California area? Our Retail Manager at Clovis Community Medical Center has this message to share: “We here at Clovis Community Medical Centers are so grateful for the hospital workers and medical personnel who are putting others before themselves during this critical time. In the midst of the current crisis, we are dedicating a section of our kitchen to support those on the front lines by offering fully prepped convenient dinner meals to take home to their families each night of the week. Heat up, serve, and enjoy: Introducing Grove to Go!”

Did you know that The Grove Cafe is a favorite among Clovis, California residents? Many community members come to the Grove Cafe in Clovis Community Medical Center for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They’re even featured on Yelp! with 4.5 stars. The Grove To Go program is high quality food that the regulars have come to expect in the cafe, in fact, the photo above features a fresh tri tip dinner with two sides, or a comforting, hand-layered lasagna, ready to heat up and enjoy. Are you curious? The Grove Cafe, like all  hospital cafes that we provide food service in, is open to the public and continues to serve our hospital caregivers during this time.

The Grove To Go Offerings at Clovis Community Medical Center

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