Corporate DINING

Customizing corporate cafes in business facilities with healthy, scratch-made and vegan food service options

"What's for lunch today?" When this question comes to mind for your employees, you want them to consider healthy snacks and meals at your on-site cafeteria first. Fresh, delicious, scratch-made food service selections provided by Thomas Cuisine culinary teams make this possible.

Our corporate clients are savvy business leaders who recognize it pays to keep employees happy, productive, and on site.

At Thomas Cuisine, we serve businesses of all sizes and have several corporate partners with well over 10,000+ employees and multiple locations. Our customized cafes provide a gentle "nudge" toward the most nutritious choices, offering a plethora of fresh, wholesome, scratch-made meal selections. Plant-forward, vegan and vegetarian dishes satisfy cultural preferences. And our world-class chefs never cease to amaze – delighting discriminating associates – one nutritious meal at a time.

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Creating Custom Cafes

If your corporate cafe is not meeting the unique needs of your employee population, we can help. Initially, we work with you to assess your employees’ preferences. We then design spaces and menus around them. The cafe transformations we’ve been a part of are nothing short of amazing. 

This is a sample of an employee-centric redesign.

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The food is well prepared and tasty. I am always greeted with a smile and a quick response to all of my requests. Keep up the great work!

— Brian Jones, Employee, BioFire Diagnostics

I have worked with Thomas Cuisine for 17 years…Our customers are very happy with the quality of our food. The staff is very accommodating and works on a daily basis to make each person’s experience great.

— Vicki Kent, Event Planner – Facilities Support