Rx: Fresh Food

We believe that food is the first and most important medicine on any health journey. Our goal is to model this philosophy in every meal, snack and offering we provide. We developed our R.E.A.L. food program with the goal of helping individuals adopt healthier food choices centered on seasonably fresh produce, whole grains, lean proteins and foods prepared with minimal amounts of healthy fats. This impacts our approach to procurement, recipe development, and meal preparation.  At Thomas Cuisine, R.E.A.L. stands for Robust flavors, Exceptional ingredients, Avoiding additives and Loaded with nutrients. Our clients and guests alike appreciate that we deliver cleaner, minimally-processed foods that are delicious, fresh and wholesome.
REAL Food Explained
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Wild Caught
Robust Flavors
Antibiotic Free
Cage Free
Exceptional Ingredients
Free Range
Gluten Free & Gluten Free Friendly
Grass Fed
Loaded with Nutrients
Hormone Free
No Artificial Ingredients
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Supporting Local Growers

Throughout the United States, Thomas Cuisine works closely to form partnerships with local small suppliers, thereby reinforcing our commitment to minimal environmental impact. By promoting local products, we are demonstrating economically sound principles, conserving resources and boosting local economies. 

Better Nutrition & Greater Value

Thomas Cuisine is on a mission to eliminate additives and preservatives from the foods we serve our guests — your associates, residents and patients.

Many processed and frozen foods contain harmful additives and preservatives that are absorbed by human cells. This absorption rate can lead to cancerous cell growth over time.

Most companies in the contract food service industry are aware of these findings yet do little about it. Why? Their insatiable appetite for shareholder value causes them to focus on delivering foods that provide the highest rebates to their companies and shareholders (hidden profits). Most often the highest rebates come from foods that are processed, frozen and loaded with additives and preservatives.

We work hard to save our clients dollars through more efficient use of whole foods, creating less waste and conserving resources.

Sustainability & sourcing

Operating with our business partners in a socially and environmentally responsible manner is one of our top priorities. We are committed to mitigating our impact on the environment throughout our entire organization, supply chain purchasing, meal preparation and all operations.

Thomas Cuisine demonstrates our commitment to conserving natural resources with the following best practices:

Thomas Cuisine takes a thoughtful approach to purchasing. Our team of senior Chefs coach and mentor other Thomas Cuisine culinarians to deliver the best, most nutritious foods available. They participate in recipe development and are deeply involved in our company-wide commitment to source better ingredients. Learn More>

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