Improving patient satisfaction in hospitals and healthcare facilities through healthy, fresh food service options

“Let’s Go Out to Eat at the Hospital!” Thomas Cuisine’s hospital fare is so good that people go out to eat at our hospital cafes regularly. We realize it’s a bit hard to fathom that we’re talking about a food service experience, but it’s true.

As a result of partnering with healthcare facilities, our signature scratch-made recipes are a source of substantial incremental revenue, boosting community engagement, brand awareness and population health in the communities we serve. Healthcare providers and administrative staff also appreciate having access to healthy, scratch-made meals and snacks throughout their busy days.

Above all, patients appreciate delicious, fresh scratch-made meals made to order. Our chefs work with registered dietitians to create satisfying and nutritious meals. With our customized hospital room service program, UnitHost, patients are cared for in a personalized manner, making their entire hospital stay better.

If patient satisfaction and incremental revenue generation are important to you, we can help. We have decades of proven results in providing healthy food service programs for major hospital systems.

We invite you to learn more by reading the following patient services case study:

IMPROVING Patient Satisfaction

If you’ve ever been a patient in a hospital, you understand first-hand how uncomfortable the experience can be. We’ve designed a personalized dining program, UnitHost, to make the experience a bit better. Our servers interact with patients directly, offering both attention to detail and compassion. The difference this makes is in the numbers — we’ve witnessed patient satisfaction scores improve by as much as 75%. Read just one of our success stories in this article from Dameron Hospital.

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Thomas Cuisine at Clovis

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As a true testament to the value we contribute to our partners in the healthcare space, we invite you to watch this video. For more, follow this link to see why our cafe at Clovis Community Medical Center is a local favorite for any meal.


I have worked with Thomas Cuisine for approximately 17 years, at three different organizations. In my opinion, there is no better partner in the name of food service. At each location, I have seen cafeteria sales rise and patient satisfaction scores increase. Additionally, the overall efficiency and quality of the food service department has drastically improved. Finally, I am always amazed of the quality of Thomas Cuisine employees, both internally and within the corporate office. Choosing Thomas Cuisine has been the best decisions I have made as a hospital CEO.
— Craig Aasved, CEO, Shodair Children's Hospital
The team you have assembled is great…very positive and excited to be here…and excited to be a part of this new level of culinary experience. The food was immediately noticeably better and there have been many, many comments to that effect from both patients and staff. Great job. We made the right decision.
— Lorraine P. Auerbach, CEO, Dameron Hospital
Extremely service-oriented and fits perfectly with the culture of our organization.
— Craig Castro, Executive VP, COO, Community Medical Centers

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