You are currently viewing Home-Made Sweet Potato Pasta for Residents

Home-Made Sweet Potato Pasta for Residents

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REAL Food: Home Made Pasta in Senior Dining

It’s beginning to feel like fall, and with the change in weather comes the desire for comfort food. Our chefs are masters at their art of cooking from scratch, and Chef Bockleslaugh recently shared these phenomenal pasta photos to showcase his ability to think creatively,  and introduce even more nutrients into recipes.   Knowing the many nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes and their extraordinary flavor and fiber content, Chef developed a new way to introduce them to senior living residents. The result was a R.E.A.L Food sweet potato pasta dish featuring shrimp, onion, sun dried tomatoes, and maple bacon, sautéed in brown butter, and finished with white wine creamed out with a bit of cold butter.

Handmade sweet potato pasta, Thomas Cuisine Food Service

Sweet Potato Pasta with Shrimp

Chef George and Team created this nutritious and comforting pasta dish with fresh shrimp, proving that with a little bit of creativity, we can put a nourishing spin on classic offerings.