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Celebrating Senior Living Culture Through Food

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Celebrating Senior Living Culture Through Food

Residents within senior living communities have rich and varied traditions which are oftentimes celebrated through food. When it comes to meals for historical, holiday, and religious observance, a surprising opportunity presents itself among residents from different cultures. Since senior living communities offer formal dining options with restaurant-style seating, residents can invite friends and neighbors within the community to partake in traditional meals. This provides a chance for residents to taste and experience a different way of life. Foodservice teams are in a special position to support celebratory food preparation requirements and ensure a worry-free, meaningful dining event while encouraging diversity through meals ranging from traditional Christmas Dinner to Kosher-friendly preparations for Passover. Our professionally trained chefs have passion when it comes to creating delicious cuisine, focusing on nutrition and visual appeal to encourage healthy appetites in residents.

Senior Dining Brings Communities Together

The Shabbat Group in Juno Beach, Florida noticed their numbers were nearly doubled during their Kosher-friendly Passover meal. For this meal, the practicing Jewish community within the senior living community invited their friends to partake in a Seder dinner, resulting in a satisfied group of residents who used food as a common ground for learning more about eachother. The letter below highlights the event, giving kudos to Thomas Cuisine leaders Tony and Chef Matt for their service and culinary accommodations.

A Letter of Celebration - The Friday Shabbat Group

Below, the Friday Shabbat Group reviews the celebratory dinner prepared by our Juno Beach, Florida team lead by Culinary Director Tony and Chef Matt.

"Dear Tony, We write to thank you and your staff for the marvelous Seder you prepared for us to celebrate Passover. Together you all created a marvelous meal that will not soon be forgotten. Everything was completed to perfection and enjoyed by all. As you know, we had an attendance of 40 residents and guests. This number of itself is remarkable, in that there were over 25 attendees who were not Jewish, but who were friends who came to share our tradition with us. This speaks to the kind of special place (our community) is and the friendliness and close feeling among residents which prevails here. The meal itself was amazing! Your attention to detail was incredible, including such elements as perfect Seder plates for each table, a menu of gefilte fish, chopped liver, matzo ball soup, meat and chicken, kosher wines and all the other dishes which comprise a Seder meal. Everything presented was done perfectly and was delicious. Tony, we are so lucky to have you as Culinary Director, and to have the staff that you have assembled. Please know that we are very grateful to all of you who participated in the preparation of this wonderful event. The Passover Seder was a "Dinner to be Remembered."

- Sincerely, The Friday Shabbat Group