Fresh Dressings with Thomas Cuisine Management

House-Made Dressings

Did you know that Thomas Cuisine Management cafes make the vast majority of their salad dressings in-house? This is part of our commitment and belief in serving REAL Food for our customers. After all, it just makes sense to compliment fresh offerings with dressings that are as responsible and nutritionally sound as the veggies or proteins that we feature. Take a look at our new dressings below for the fresh difference they can make in your next salad or marinated grill item from Thomas Cuisine Management. For your enjoyment, we’ve included a recipe for our newest Lemon Ginger Dressing, just in time to keep the holidays fresh and tangy.

Thomas Cuisine Management

Lemon Ginger Dressing

Fresh Ginger Root ¼ Ounce
Fresh Green Onion (or Scallion) ¾ Cup
Fresh Lemon Juice 6 Tablespoons
Rice Vinegar 1 1/8 Cup
Reduced Sodium Soy Sauce ¾ Cup
Fresh Water 6 Tablespoon
Sugar Substitute 5 Ounces
Extra Virgin Olive Oil/Canola Oil 90/10 Blend ¾ Cup


1. In a designated sanitized sink or container soak produce in Anti-Microbial Fruit & Vegetable Wash, then agitate for no longer than 90 seconds, allow to drain in a colander or strainer.
2. Remove the stem of the green onions and slice on a bias very thinly all the way through the green onion (white & green parts).
3. Using the back of a spoon peel the ginger and mince



1. In a mixing bowl or mixer, combine all ingredients except the oil
2. Using an emersion blender slowly add the oil to the dressing and emulsify
3. Label, date and refrigerate to 40 degrees before serving.