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How to Make Congee with Kombucha-Infused Quinoa

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Not your traditional congee recipe

Thomas cuisine chef Phil sydenstricker shows us how to make congee using kombucha-infused quinoa and a tangy persimmon asian pear chutney

Congee is a traditional Chinese rice porridge made by simmering rice in broth and adding savory proteins. This winter, our chefs wanted to focus on offering new recipes featuring whole grains which led them to think creatively about this classic dish. Chef Phil and Registered Dietician Ali Christensen chose to make their congee into a tangy breakfast item featuring quinoa simmered in kombucha for the porridge base, then topped it with a persimmon Asian pear chutney and crunchy sesame seed cashews. This balanced breakfast offers health benefits of kombucha and quinoa, flavor and sweetness from the chutney, plus protein to keep you feeling satisfied. We hope you enjoy the video below and free recipe to try during your holiday season.

what are the benefits of quinoa

Considered a pseudo-cereal but not really categorized as a grain, the whole quinoa plant can be eaten including the leaves. Quinoa has been designated by the United Nations as a “super crop” because of its ability to grow in tough climates with minimal resources. Quinoa is gluten free which makes it popular among the celiac disease and wheat intolerance communities. Quinoa is rich in protein as well as potassium, which helps to control blood pressure. Quinoa is also rich in fiber, iron and B vitamins.

a creative way to use kombucha

Using kombucha to cook congee with is one creative way to take advantage of the numerous health benefits of this fermented drink. Kombucha is a fizzy and healthy alternative to alcoholic drinks like beer, mixed drinks, and sparkling wines because of the increased health benefits presented by its unique fermentation process, which leaves probiotics intact and available for the human body to use*. Benefits of kombucha can include anti-inflammatory properties, ability to fight infection, lower cholesterol, and provide antioxidants.