Healthcare Solutions

Central to a person's well being and health is the nutrition they put in their bodies. TCM understands this core concept and it acts as our guide in delivering a healthy, enjoyable and valued dining experience for patients, guests, employees, and physicians.

Our emphasis is on serving people's needs. From patient room service, to the café, to catering events, our focus is on exceeding expectations and delivering a first class dining experience.

What sets TCM apart in Healthcare Dining? We believe it is leadership. While we leverage technology and systems, our business is fundamentally comprised of people interfacing with people. Therefore we believe it is our people working tangibly in each aspect of the operation that impacts service administration and improvement most significantly.

We recognize the cost of food and beverage service is small in the scope of your operating budget, however it can impact each individual that visits your hospital. Our clients report that our ability to provide the highest quality food and service, while delivering on our financial claims, differentiates us from our competitors. TCM has over 24 years experience in healthcare dining. We maintain a 98% customer retention rate. We believe our record speaks clearly about our ability to lead.

"They prepare everything fresh. This saves on our food costs and results in healthier, more appetizing food. They offer low fat and vegetarian selections on the menu daily. People from the community come to the hospital cafeteria for breakfast and lunch like a regular restaurant. Revenue is up 100%."

Kalispell Regional Medical Center
Kalispell, MT

"Honestly , our TCM Director has transformed the cafeteria, kitchen and staff morale more in 5 weeks that I would have imagined possible in 5 years."

  Community Medical Center
Missoula, MT