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Changing Hospital Food

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Passionate Chefs Change Hospital Food

The fabric of a company is made up of the values, morals, hopes and dreams of the individual; making sure those elements overlap with the Mission, Vision, and Values of a company influences the longevity, fulfillment, and advancement of team members and the company overall.  

Sous-chef Andy Nguyen developed a passion for cooking from an early age. Instead of watching a children’s show, he watched chefs on television and by the age of 16 he began his culinary career in the Pacific Northwest. His path to the culinary world was natural; through his Vietnamese parents who immigrated here in the 70’s, he straddled the world of first-generation American citizen with a palate trained to admire traditional Vietnamese food like Pho. As his culinary skills advanced, Andy worked in high-end dining, competed in culinary competitions, and after one cold night in Seattle 2010, he began a pop-up kitchen concept called “Feed The Need” to help those impacted by food insecurity during times of need, crisis, and natural disasters.

Andy works for Thomas Cuisine in service to our client PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center where we provide high quality patient dining services, as well as café services for guests and caregivers. In this conversation, we explore Andy’s personal experience with food insecurity, his determination to change the perception of hospital food, and his entry for the Healthcare Without Harm Culinary Competition, which Thomas Cuisine has historically been recognized in.

Listen Now - Full Interview with Andy Nguyen, Changing Hospital Food

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