Thomas Cuisine Annual Meeting and VIP Award

Thomas Cuisine Annual Meeting and VIP Award

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At Thomas Cuisine we’ve always been fortunate to offer an Annual Meeting for our managers. This event is an energizing time of togetherness that brings our nation-wide food service leadership to one summit-style event of lectures, updates on our company from executive leadership, team building, awards ceremonies, and coveted time together. This year, however, with COVID-19 we had to shift gears and provide a more creative get together which means….the annual meeting is virtual for 2020! This week, we kick off our meeting, we still get to have team games, awards, and updates from our executive team. We are especially excited to see who our Values In Practice (VIP) award will go to this year. As the most prestigious recognition available by peer election, the Thomas Cuisine VIP award is recognition of respect, excellence, integrity, teamwork and passion. Out of three finalists, one winner is selected. We are certainly looking forward to sharing the results with you here on November 13th! 

vip nominees for 2020

Below are all seven of the nominees for the Values In Practice Award (VIP). Check back to see who wins this prestigious Thomas Cuisine award on November 13th.


We are pleased to offer you a front row seat to our VIP Award Ceremony! This 100% peer nominated award recognizes one final recipient based on exceptional values demonstrated in their day-to-day performance as a Team Member. Our pool of nominees was truly inspiring this year, view the video to see the slideshows of all nominees, and who ultimately received the VIP award for 2020.