Community Engagement, the Boys & Girls Club

The holiday season is upon us! This time of year is generally a whirlwind of gathering around food with our cafes and communities; it’s something we look forward to, and we’re currently gearing up to visit our different locations across the nation to present our traditional holiday dinners. As a food service company, we are lucky to use the medium of food and togetherness to enjoy engagement with our communities all year long, not just during the winter months. For instance, our CFO Shannon Stith recently reminded us that we’ve had some great opportunities to give back, starting with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County; an organization that we have been honored to support for many years.

Going back to April of this year, Thomas Cuisine auctioned a four-course dinner party at a Boise-based brewery. This culinary experience raised $5,500 for programs provided by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Ada County to help at-risk children and teens. The Micron-based crew led by Chef Justin Lee created an “elevated-homemade” menu to pair with Powderhaus Brewing craft beers: house-baked crostini with homemade cheese and duck confit; a panzanella salad with local tomatoes and herbs topped with a quail egg; a surf-and-turf entree of Idaho elk osso bucco and a pan-seared scallop; and watermelon granita with local-lavender macaroons. A special thank you to Chef Justin and the amazing team of Nate Griffin, Crystal Gillivan, Alex Kiesig, and Brendan Murphy. Thank you for giving back to the community!

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