Why Try a Plant-Forward Diet

Why Try a Plant-Forward Diet

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Why Try a Plant-Forward Diet?

We’ve all tried to change our diet at some point. Many times, we attempt dietary changes and a few weeks later, we’re back to our old habits. More than ever, our dietary choices and the impact on our health has come to the forefront of media, resulting in documentaries like Netflix’s, “Game Changers” which focuses on athletes who switched to a plant-based diet for better recovery and performance.

Regular People Making the Switch to Plant-Forward Eating

It’s one thing to hear a lofty UFC fighter drastically change his diet, claiming that he feels stronger and recovers more quickly; but it’s quite another to hear a close friend or colleague say the exact same things, while shedding over 30 pounds. This was the case with Chef Jason Matthews. Chef Jason is a regular guy; he’s kind, cares about creating quality offerings of REAL Food for his residents at a Continued Care Retirement Community, and he genuinely enjoys life.

plant forward eating from food service companies
Thomas Cuisine Chef Jason Matthews

Why Switch to Plant-Forward Eating?

Jason Matthews is our Plant-Forward featured chef, the Thomas Cuisine recipes below were inspired by his changes toward Plant-Forward eating. 

Health reasons made Jason move from a typical American diet of meat and potatoes to a vegetarian, clean-ingredient lifestyle three years ago. Jason admits to feeling stronger with more energy and focus, based on this change in diet. Wanting to shed a few pounds, Jason has pushed his diet even further and is now purely plant-based, which is vegan. Jason has lost over thirty pounds and is thoroughly enjoying his health journey and plant-based diet. 

Chef Jason has created a few free recipes that he is excited to share with you. Click the button below to read about these #REALFood meals and download the free recipes. 

Tips for Eating a Plant-Forward Diet

  • Start slow. Pick a few plant-based meals each week
  • Switch to a plant-based breakfast
  • Use almond, soy or coconut milk instead of dairy
  • Plan ahead and shop for what you need
  • Find a new cookbook or on-line recipe resource
  • Cut down on meat and processed foods
  • Increase your fruits and vegetables each day
  • Add more dishes with beans
  • Look on-line for fun and exciting plant-based recipes
  • Use tofu instead of meat
  • Include a handful of nuts each day
  • Switch to plant-based snacks like vegetable and hummus or fruit and nut butter

At Thomas Cuisine, we believe the many benefits of a plant-forward diet are undeniable and unquestionably in the best interest of our guests. Which is why we are making available an even wider variety of highly delicious and nutritious fresh foods, and a broad selection of plant-forward cuisine