Thomas Cuisine Promotes Sustainability and Socially Conscious Sourcing

Thomas Cuisine Promotes Sustainability and Socially Conscious Sourcing

Commitment to Sustainability

In 1986, Thad Thomas started Thomas Cuisine with a clear vision: to be an innovative provider and valued partner in food service management. The company’s purpose from day one has been to provide high quality, cost-effective, professional food management services to organizations in the healthcare and corporate industries. Our founding principle was, “We can do better.” Today, we continue to seek to “do better” – and be better stewards of natural resources.

In this vein, we are on a course of continuous improvement. We are committed to mitigating our impact on the environment throughout our entire organization, supply chain purchasing, meal preparation and all operations. In fact, operating with our business partners in a socially and environmentally responsible manner is a top priority for Thomas Cuisine.

We demonstrate our commitment to conserving natural resources with the following best practices:

  • Champion local meats, dairy and baked goods at our client sites.
  • Source locally grown produce at our locations as much as possible.
  • Source from small farms that are more climate friendly than mega-monoculture operations, when available.
  • Prepare the majority of our dishes from scratch, mitigating waste, plastic packaging, additional freight and refrigeration.
  • Serve food on reusable china and silverware at many venues, saving thousands of pounds of excess disposable cutlery and food packaging waste.
  • Work hard to make contractual relationships with socially and environmentally compatible suppliers and do our best to ensure conscientious standards are adhered to throughout our supply chain.

Thomas Cuisine and Local Growers

Throughout the United States, Thomas Cuisine works closely to form partnerships with local small suppliers, thereby reinforcing our commitment to minimal environmental impact. By promoting local products, we are demonstrating economically sound principles, conserving resources and boosting local economies.  

Commitment to Socially Conscious Sourcing

Since its inception, Thomas Cuisine has provided a fresh take on food service. Keeping our clients’ patients and consumers healthy, with nutrient-rich, additive-free food, is essential to our brand promise.  We deliver “R.E.A.L.” food that in many cases is higher quality than that supplied by many of our competitors.

R.E.A.L. food is not simply a concept at Thomas Cuisine. It is the backbone of our company and it includes procurement, recipe development, and meal preparation. This has proven to be a recipe for success. Our clients and patrons alike appreciate that we deliver cleaner, minimally processed foods that are delicious, fresh and wholesome.

The Thomas Cuisine R.E.A.L. acronym embodies our commitment to healthy foods and stands for:
               Robust flavor

                Exceptional ingredients

                Avoiding chemical additives

                Loaded with nutrients

To deliver on the Thomas Cuisine brand promise, we naturally take a thoughtful approach to purchasing and have intentionally taken the following steps:

  • Oversight of Ingredient Sourcing
    A team of Thomas Cuisine’s most influential and senior Chefs, company-wide, coach and mentor other Thomas Cuisine culinarians. They participate in recipe development and are deeply involved in our company-wide commitment to source better ingredients.
  • Sourcing Clean Protein
    Our clean protein focus includes sourcing sustainable grass-fed and local whenever possible. Our preferred proteins are hormone and antibiotic free, grass-fed and minimally processed. We source cleaner proteins because we recognize the health benefits and what we offer is more than just food. We house roast our deli meats with no preservatives and no added preservatives whenever possible, based on business partner requirements.
  • Ongoing Ingredient Evaluation
    We have developed a scoring methodology that allows each of our locations to rate each ingredient and determine those that are healing, support good nutrition and enhance the delicious applications for which they are utilized. This includes a list of qualities we look for in the ingredients we source, as well as a list of qualities and ingredients we avoid.
  • Our stance on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
    Thomas Cuisine is making an effort not to source GMOs as preferred products and as an organization we are committed to removing them from our supply chain as they are identified.
  • Cage Free Eggs and Broiler Chicken Welfare
    Thomas Cuisine has asked our suppliers to take the following actions for 100% of our chicken supply by 2024 or sooner if possible:
    • Meet the Global Animal Partnership (GAP) maximum stocking density standard < 6 pounds per square feet.
    • Provide chickens with enriched environments including natural light, litter, hay bales, and perches that meet GAP standards.
    • Use GAP approved genetic strains for slower growing chickens.
    • Humanely render chickens unconscious prior to shackling using Controlled and Low Atmospheric Stunning.
    • Demonstrate compliance with the above standards through a third-party auditing system.

Committed to Doing the Right Thing

Thomas Cuisine is transforming food management services. Our pledge is to “do the right thing,” with a commitment to excellence. As many competitive food service management services are held hostage in their decision making by share value and various profit drivers, we have complete autonomy and control of the decisions we make. We are privately-held and debt free. We choose to take a road less traveled in the food service industry. We choose to leave a smaller environmental footprint. We choose to offer healthier foods, sourced locally, when possible. We choose to make the majority of our cuisine from scratch. And we choose to work with our suppliers to improve their operations. In short, we choose to continue our founder’s vision, and continually seek to “do better.”