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Take-and-Bake Meals for Hospital Workers

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Take-and-Bake Meals Make Home Cooked Dinners Simple and Delicious

Currently, many hospital cafes that we provide food service for have started preparing Take-and-Bake meals that can feed 4-6 people comfortably. These are high quality, hand-made meals such as Asian-Inspired Mandarin chicken salads, steak and asparagus, hand-layered lasagnas, and yes – these are all #REALFood. Our Chefs are still determined to provide high quality, scratch-made food for your family to safely enjoy. Our managers in the field see you daily, we see your hard work and the countless hours on your feet putting others before yourselves. We know at the end of the day we all want to have a hot meal, something fresh that comforts and does good for the body. So, from our kitchen to yours, we are pleased to offer Take-and Bake entrees that are made from quality ingredients, easy to simply cook in the oven, delicious for dinner time so you can enjoy an evening in.

Katie, a Nurse Manager in Bremerton, WA reviews the Take-and-Bake dinners:

“From the bottom of my family’s bellies! It was so wonderful to go to the cafeteria yesterday and bring home some wonderfully prepared take home meals! They were not only delicious, but the sentiment behind them even more touching. It was so nice to come home after work, tired and overwhelmed, and not have to worry about what to make for dinner. The meal was WAY more delicious, creative, and far healthier than anything that I could have slung together… and don’t even get me started on how reasonably they were priced! Thank you and your department by providing this huge blessing to those we get to call or work families. With tremendous gratitude, Katie, Keith, Aislinn, Kai and Elodie… who specifically would like you to know she LOVES case you are looking for suggestions”

Katie, Nurse Manager @ Harrison Medical Center - Bremerton in Bremerton, WA

Thomas Cuisine Take-and-Bake Meal Examples at CHI Hospitals in Washington