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Senior Living Resident Council Honors Thomas Cuisine

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Resident Council Presents Thomas Cuisine with "Above and Beyond" Award for COVID-19 Response

Natural disaster readiness and response is surprisingly related to foodservice, especially within senior living communities. As the main provider of food and dining resources, our senior dining teams find creative ways to stay safe while delivering satisfying and healthy meals for senior living residents during a range of events- from simple power outages to the complex COVID-19 global pandemic.

As 2021 moved forward, the Beacon Hill Resident Council took a moment recognize our on-site leaders, Alan and Juliann for outstanding care and creativity during the past year. Resident satisfaction and safety is at the forefront of our service, therefore, to be recognized by this organized group of residents is an honor.

The Resident Council Honors Thomas Cuisine Leaders

To 'Our Valued Hero!' Alan Ickes, Director of Dining, and to 'Our Lady of Joy!' Juliann Giannini: In recognition of your outstanding service to all residents of Beacon Hill in a very difficult pandemic year, thank you for the many ways in which you displayed creativity and caring and blessed each resident through your culinary gifts. We treasure and value your positivity, your eagerness to please, and your humor. We are grateful to have you.”

- Presented by the Beacon Hill Resident Council, April 2021

How To Improve Disaster Response and Readiness in Foodservice

Successful disaster response teams remain flexible and aware of changing situations, while communicating clearly with their teams to keep service safely running. Companies who are dedicated to combining disaster response requirements within their respective industry standards, while diligently following state and federal guidelines, will have a greater chance of success and mitigating risks. 

As a dedicated foodservice company, it’s an honor to provide a resource of support to the body during stressful times. When disaster strikes, senior dining foodservice providers can shine by fostering a sense of normalcy, calm, and cheerfulness. Read more about COVID-19 modified service here.