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Recognizing National Nutrition Month®

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Thomas Cuisine Lead Dietitian Gets National Nutrition Month Approved in Vancouver

It’s all about timing. Many nutritionists and healthcare providers know that March is National Nutrition Month®, a nationwide campaign supported by Eat Right Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a consumer nutrition and healthy lifestyle advocacy group. Many people don’t know, however, that our cities can take part in observing national campaigns if residents apply for a proclamation of observance through local leadership.

Such was the case with our Lead Clinical Dietitian, Meredith Freeland who applied for, and received, approval for the City of Vancouver, WA to participate in the observance of National Nutrition Month®. This proclamation of observance was officially approved by the city’s Mayor on Feb 8, 2021 — allowing time for local healthcare food services to share their well-honed nutritional guidance under the umbrella of National Nutrition Month during March.

We are proud of Meredith and all clinical dietitians who work tirelessly to help people make better food choices and live healthier lives.

Signed Proclamation from Mayor McEnerny-Ogle in the City of Vancouver to observe National Nutrition Month

The Proclamation

Whereas food is the substance by which life is sustained; and whereas, the type, quality, and amount of food that individuals consume each day plays a vital role in their overall health and physical fitness; and whereas, there is a need for continuing nutrition education and a wide-scale effort to enhance healthy eating practices; now, therefore, I, Anne McEnerny-Ogle, Mayor of Vancouver, do hereby proclaim March 2021 as: "National Nutrition Month ®"


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