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REAL Foods Celebration Day at Thomas Cuisine

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Fall Recipes and Celebrating Real Foods

Real food means offering healthful cuisine to our clients and the community, and that’s what we do at Thomas Cuisine. To encourage our team members to sample our chefs’ newest Fall creations, we’re hosting the first-ever Real Foods Celebration Day, including videos. Apples, a nutritious Fall staple, are featured in many of these recipes. Please join us in celebrating by trying out these new dishes from our chefs. You can taste the difference in our home-made, fresh-ingredient approach. One of the best aspects of serving Real Food is that we can confidently share our recipes with you, there’s nothing to hide when it comes to the nutritious offerings in our cafes and patient services options. Modern foodservice management companies have the responsibility to offer the healthiest practices possible when it comes to finding ingredients, creating new recipes, and offering innovative and flexible menu items that can change with the seasons – creating cuisine from scratch allows us to remain nimble for clients and customers alike, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We hope you enjoy these recipes and fun videos – your home will be smelling like Autumn in no time.

Honeycrisp Almond Cake Recipe - Thomas Cuisine

Apple & Toasted Coconut Dal Recipe - Thomas Cuisine

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