Professional Training Table

When the stakes are high, performance matters and we deliver.

Working closely with your nutritionist we meet the individual needs of every athlete on your roster through healthy, delicious food selections. We are a strong player in the food service industry, providing the flexibility your team demands.

With Thomas Cuisine, the training table becomes an exercise in optimizing performance. Our custom-prepared menus provide a nourishing balance of complex carbohydrates, clean proteins, colorful salads, fruits, vegetables and natural anti-inflammatories – targeting both endurance and recovery.

This superior approach to performance dining ultimately equips your team with a proven competitive advantage.

Fueling Pro athletes

Professional athletes demand food that will prepare their bodies for superior performance while delivering maximum nutrition. We make the dietary process of fueling performance as strategic as their workouts – and recovery that much faster.

Kale salad

Finely-Tuned nutrition


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