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Ideas for Continuing Education in Senior Living Communities

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Continuing Resident Education with Foodservice Resources

The role of food becomes more and more important as we progress through different stages in life. Within senior living communities, manpower for education around food and nutrition multiplies when you involve a foodservice team. When foodservice teams are engaged by senior living leadership to enhance resident lifestyle, you can expect to see lead dietitians and top chefs come together for organized educational dining events that showcase a live chef demonstration with an easy-to-understand tip about nutrition and dining. With this method, residents learn interesting information around emerging health and culinary practices while seeing their actual chefs and dining staff in action – a novelty, as these professionals are not typically seen during the daily cooking and dining process. Chef demo classes are a social event which allow residents to ask questions, gain confidence in how their dishes are made, and sample new foods that they might not otherwise try.

Tips for Featuring Chef Demos as an Educational Opportunity for Residents

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Consider how chef demonstrations could positively impact resident satisfaction and engagement through togetherness. Demonstrations provide a chance for residents to better know your staff, offer greater understanding of nutrition, affordably increase live entertainment opportunities, and meet certain standards that are important to your mission, vision, and values.
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Explore available resources within your nutrition and dining services. Nutritionists, chefs, and managers often have a passion for what they do and a wealth of information to go along with it. With a little nudge in the right direction, they can create an educational chef demo day around a central theme, dish, or nutritional concept of choice.
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Determine how you deliver your chef demo event. Many locations offer chef demonstrations live in a dining area and via closed-circuit broadcast for residents to view from their homes. This provides an equal educational opportunity for a variety of audiences.
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Try a few chef demos and get resident feedback. Offering events that allow residents a chance to ask questions and give an opinion will help feature subjects that are most interesting to them.