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Fresh Meal Kits To-Go

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One-Pot Meal Kits Bring Hope to Greater Salt Lake City, Utah

There’s no better recipe for hope than combining help and support during crisis. The communities we work in are a special thing, and we celebrate team members who have creative ideas to fill the needs within their local communities. In Draper, which is a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah, our Food Service Director Cody fills us in on their super fresh meal kits that they’re making for the community in conjunction with a well-known meal kit group, Citrus Pear. We’re talking meal kits that offer fresh herbs, flavorfully seasoned proteins, and highly nourishing hand-chopped veggies for the ultimate vitamin and immunity boost. All this wrapped up and ready to go for any community member who needs a healthy meal to make at home.

Here is Cody’s perspective on this community project during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

"With all the issues with supply at the grocery stores, schools closing, and work from home orders, we understand that making and supplying food for the families in our community can be very difficult. The culinary staff at eBay teamed up with a local group called Citrus Pear that usually hosts cooking / meal planning classes to provide meal kits to the community. We are putting together raw ingredients for one pot cooking into bags that serve 3-4 people to make it easy and save time for everyone. We will be providing approximately 1,500 meals per day. All the recipes are provided by Citrus Pear and are healthy too! We created a drive-through service for pick up. Families that have placed an order drive to the pick-up area, they load each entree into their cooler, and leave in under 5 minutes. Also, by doing this, it has allowed us to keep most of our staff working. On top of all these wonderful benefits this has provided, eBay decided that during the Utah "Stay Home Stay Safe" order, they would like any profits made from this to be donated to the Utah Food Bank. Everyone involved is so happy to be a part of this!”

Cody A. Food Service Director, Ebay

Thomas Cuisine Team Members Prepare Fresh Meal Kits