Colleges & Universities

The qualities that set us apart.

We easily cater to individuals with special diets, allergies and intolerances. We’re also committed to sustainability and chose locally sourced and organic whenever possible. Made-from-scratch has always been our core, and we’re as passionate about on-campus meal plans as we are about on-the-go snack and coffee kiosks.

When you partner with Thomas Cuisine, our management team will take care of every detail, including food service marketing, recruiting and staffing, cleanliness standards, quality assurance and financial reporting. It’s all based on the belief that everyone on your campus—students, faculty and guests alike—deserve nutritious, creative and convenient dining experiences.

At Thomas Cuisine, real ingredients make R.E.A.L. food. Start your journey with R.E.A.L today by contacting our business development team for more information.