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It’s common to have questions when researching for a foodservice management team. Below are some frequently asked questions about contracting with Thomas Cuisine as a foodservice management provider.

what does a foodservice management company do?

Thomas Cuisine provides custom foodservice solutions for corporations, healthcare systems, and senior living communities. Our teams feature formally trained chefs, operational managers, service members, and registered dietitians who organize and safely deliver all aspects of foodservice operations. This allows those we serve to enjoy custom café offerings and patient dining offerings at their place of business. 

What kind of food does Thomas Cuisine make?

Thomas Cuisine creates real food from scratch using wholesome ingredients and chef-created recipes reviewed by qualified dietitians. With the ability to craft custom recipes and develop flexible programs to serve our clients, we happily serve a variety of cultural and regional preferences.

Where does Thomas Cuisine provide service?

Thomas Cuisine provides service across the United States, confidently providing Real Food in accordance to the tastes and preferences of client populations.

Do I have to sign a contract to use Thomas Cuisine?

Yes, we work with each of our clients to provide a well-developed contract that both parties agree on.

As a client, what can I expect when working with Thomas Cuisine?

At Thomas Cuisine, we provide real food, made from scratch, using wholesome ingredients. Our menus are customized for every location we serve. You can count on receiving genuine service with a focus on your needs, financial transparency, and an enduring business relationship that will help your teams and customers be successful in their day-to-day ventures.

How can I start a career with Thomas Cuisine?

Thomas Cuisine is always looking for qualified team members. With a variety of positions available and a supportive environment, it’s common to have team members who stay for a lengthy career and move up within the company. Check our careers page for more information and positions available near you.

In 1986, our founder Thad Thomas had worked in the contract foodservice industry and felt there was a better way to provide service. In the 80’s, hospital foodservice and on-site cafeterias were not a pleasant experience that people looked forward to – menu selections featured canned fruit, mystery meat, and processed food. He knew with the right chefs and managers, that we could change the narrative around hospital food, senior dining, and corporate dining. His vision and the unique opportunity to work in a supportive culinary environment drew quality chefs and managers, which allowed us to create high quality offerings, robust management teams, and expand service to senior living, an array of healthcare providers, large businesses, and sports tables.

If you are an entity large enough to offer an on-site café, a healthcare operation with patients and guests, or a senior living community with residents who dine, then contracting your foodservices out to a management company may be a strategic win. Some of the ways this decision can benefit your operations are:

  • Foodservice managers, chefs, dietitians, servers, and hourly staff who are trained and ready to implement safe foodservice operations.
  • Diverse, regional menus and recipes backed by professional nutritionists and procurement teams to get you the best possible product.
  • On-demand reporting of financials, on-site preferences of your population, and the ability to request changes in offerings if needed.
  • Caring staff dedicated to the culinary arts for your health and enjoyment.
  • Quality, on-site foodservices add to the wellness and satisfaction of employees, guests, residents, and patients.

Contracting the management of your foodservice instead of attempting to self-operate your café is beneficial for companies who want to consistently deliver reliable, well-managed food provision for their guests, employees, patients, and residents. Major perks of using a foodservice management company include nutritionally-vetted recipes made by culinary-educated chefs, transparent and reportable metrics, sourcing of qualified employees, up-to-date protocol on foodservice safety standards, access to a specialized network of foodservice vendors, access to specialized programs such as culturally-inclusive food offerings, traditional American favorites, trending dietary interests, plus grab-n-go programs for busy professionals.

Unlike other foodservice companies, our sourcing focuses on quality ingredients that can be used flexibly for recipes that our clients appreciate based on location. We differ in our sourcing because our recipes require healthy, raw ingredients for finished items. Instead of using pre-made, or frozen entrees, we make our entrees by hand which is why our refrigerators look a little more colorful compared to the competitors.   

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