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Express Your Senior Living Brand Through Foodservice

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Tips for senior living communities to bolster their brand through foodservice contractors

You’ve worked hard to build a recognizable senior living community. From the furniture you select to the colors and language used, your thoughtful styling becomes home for current and future residents, even in common areas like the dining room or pub. Therefore, it’s valuable to find partners who respect your brand and residents as much as you do. With the high-touch service of dining, your foodservice contractor has a frequent opportunity to further your brand, one meal at a time. So, what’s one of the best ways to leverage a foodservice provider’s expertise and keep it within the branding requirements of your community?

One of the best options would be to adopt the well-developed programs of the foodservice company, while keeping your branding and naming conventions if your company owns them. This approach is called White Labeling. The process can be exciting, organized, and successful. Today, we’re offering some tips to make your white label journey successful with your next foodservice company.

Using your dining brands with a foodservice company

The most direct way to implement a white label service is to use your current, company-owned dining brands, and the foodservice company will run their well-developed programs under them. To start, make sure your dining brands are owned by your company, if they aren’t, your new foodservice company can help you create concepts. Next, share your current food-related offerings and programs that you would like to feature.  Ask your provider what they offer within the confines of what you desire. Many times, quality foodservice providers will be excited to provide services and venue concepts in support of your brand and demographic.

If you don’t have dining concepts developed, or if your concepts were provided by a former foodservice partner, your new provider can work with you to develop or implement existing dining concepts that will fit your location. This ensures you get the best of both worlds – professionally-backed recipes and worry-free foodservice management, plus well-developed dining programs to serve your community.