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With more than 30 years of foodservice management expertise across multiple industries, Thomas Cuisine Management is dedicated to quality nutrition, our employees and customers, and the communities in which we serve. We are collaborative and provide the needed tools for a successful foodservice experience at your site. Our branded concepts, quality assurance, cleanliness, purchasing expertise, team development, financial reporting, and sustainable practices are all components of our service. As your business partner, we combine these elements with a laser focus on quality food and nutritional value to allow our clients to reach the highest levels of consumer satisfaction.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates.

Famous words, and persistently true. Modern medical facilities are filled with professionals who live their lives by the Hippocratic Oath. At Thomas Cuisine, we also live by a code: to responsibly and ethically handle your foodservice outsourcing from top to bottom. Our business was born in hospital foodservice leadership, and our management team knows how to operate in complex medical facilities. Our expertise encompasses an innovative approach when servicing the nutritional needs of patients, creating exciting cafes, and delivering first class catering events, all of which incorporate our specialty: fresh ingredients and scratch-made meals.

Thomas Cuisine Management leads with integrity and transparency. The hospital dining expertise we provide is not limited to great food and exemplary customer service. We also reliably and cost-effectively manage your foodservice marketing, quality assurance, cleanliness standards, purchasing requirements, recruiting and staffing, and financial management.

We know that quality hospital foodservice will positively impact your facility’s overall well-being and image and that good nutrition is a primary contributor to individual health. We focus on working collaboratively with our healthcare partners to provide food and nutrition services that support healing for the patients entrusted to our care. Start creating more good memories for your staff and visitors by contacting the Thomas Cuisine Business Development Team today.

Thomas Cuisine knows that every company is unique, and our café foodservice solutions are scalable to both meet your current needs and to increase on demand. Your occasional patrons will become regular customers as they discover that Thomas Cuisine’s food selections are convenient, appetizing, and nutritious. Our employees are courteous and professional and our foodservice management team is responsive and innovative.

Our corporate dining options are designed to provide maximum satisfaction for you and your dining patrons. We choose fresh ingredients and source locally whenever possible— you will taste the difference in our chef-crafted, made-to-order meals that are both satisfying and nutritious. Your dedicated onsite Thomas Cuisine Management team cost-effectively and reliably handles recruiting and staffing, quality assurance, cleanliness standards, financial reporting and program marketing.

If you are interested in scratch-cooked meals using local, quality ingredients for your cafe, please contact the Business Development Team for more information.

For many busy students, the question is simple: fast food or cafeteria food? Some might even ask, “What’s the difference?”

Dining programs provide convenience, speed, health and cost. We are as passionate about on-campus meal plans as we are about on-the-go snack and coffee kiosks. Your Thomas Cuisine Management team cost-effectively and reliably handles foodservice marketing, recruiting and staffing, cleanliness standards, quality assurance and financial reporting.

Your campus has a lot of busy individuals to feed: students, faculty and guests all deserve nutritious, convenient dining experiences. At Thomas Cuisine, real ingredients make REAL food. And REAL food makes a real nutritious difference to the average diet.

Every college and university needs a foodservice partner who is dedicated to providing great service and a great product. Start your journey with Thomas Cuisine Management today by contacting our Business Development Team for more information.

Our nutrition, leadership expertise and culinary excellence is combined to create the best senior foodservice experience in the market. Your residents’ overall health and satisfaction is a top priority, which is why Thomas Cuisine Management features fresh made food and full service. Services are customized depending on your needs and might include bistro style offerings or destination dining.

Our caring wait staff take pride in presenting the freshest meal options with the resident in mind. With the flexible and personal touch of our foodservice experience, even the most particular patrons will feel heard and valued.

We work to source your facility’s foodservice ingredients from within 250 miles of your location whenever possible. This provides the fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins that are essential to healthy retirement communities. High-fiber, whole-grain breads and pastas, fresh salads with house-made dressings, and custom menus with scratch made entrées all provide healthful options for your residents.

Better nutrition means more energy to stay active and engaged. Our dietitians and expert chefs choose fresh ingredients over processed foods to create interesting meals that benefit a senior’s diet. Your retirement community will enjoy the energy, exquisite taste and variety that local, seasonal ingredients bring to your facility—and variety is the spice of life.

For more information please contact our Business Development Team today.

Do you regularly host a large audience in a super-charged atmosphere? What about a premiere skybox with catering needs? The truth is, there’s more to event center foodservice than meets the eye. Executing your vision is Thomas Cuisine’s top priority through timeliness, preparedness, and operational excellence. You can rely on our foodservice professionals to deliver exceptional provisions to any crowd in any setting. Your customers will be satisfied with fast turnaround and quality food during concerts and events.

We excel at large and small events. From black-tie affairs to casual catering settings, your event will be well-staffed, meticulously-prepared and coordinated to fit your scheduling needs. Visitors and performers alike will benefit from VIP and backstage caterings that are fresh, convenient and far from run-of-the-mill.

You have a full-featured event partner with Thomas Cuisine Management. We pool our foodservice expertise around your event center to provide planning and staffing, sourcing and procurement, branding and menus, cleanliness and quality assurance, and financial reporting.

Your event center foodservice is about to become a featured event. Get in touch with a Thomas Cuisine Business Development Team member today.

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