Our Best Proteins, Now Available!

Our Best Proteins promotion is ready to launch at all Thomas Cuisine Management locations across the U.S.! To better explain how we use the best proteins in our food, our Wellness Director Staci Kidder has some great insight on the common lingo you can find in our cafes (see below). We believe that providing information around our offerings is the right thing to do! We enjoy letting our customers know that they are eating fresh, high quality offerings and our search for the Best Proteins is on-going for the health and benefit of all who visit our locations.

No Hormones Added – Hormones are added to some meats to increase feed efficiency, protein deposition and growth rate of the animal. Little research has been done on the effects of added hormones in humans, therefore, our best proteins are free of added hormones. TCM’s preferred Chicken and Pork, contain no hormones or antibiotics added, which is true for all chicken and pork sold in the US.

No Antibiotics Added – Research shows that antibiotic superbugs, in part created by the use of antibiotics in animals, pose a risk to human health. Antibiotics can also affect your microbiome (gut bacteria), which can contribute to autoimmune disorders and obesity, according to research. Our best protein are free from antibiotic use to help prevent the spread of superbugs and preserve our customers microbiome and health.

TCM house roasts their deli meats.
House Roasted – Low and Slow! We make our deli meats in house with no preservatives and nothing artificial. Research states that food preservatives, such as that found in processed meats, can increase risk of gastric cancer. Our fresh roasted meats are a healthy alternative and void of the preservatives found in processed meats.

TCM’s preferred shrimp is sustainable.
Sustainable – Sustainable agriculture is the production of plant or animal products, using practices that protect the environment, animal welfare and public health. The goal of sustainable agriculture is to meet society’s food needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainability is important to conserve natural resources, avoids hazardous pesticides and is economically beneficial to farmers.

TCM’s preferred ground beef is grass fed.
Grass Fed – Grass fed cattle are allowed to graze on their own fresh food. During the winter months, they may be given alfalfa to supplement their diet, but they are given a diet as close to natural as possible. Grass fed beef is reported to have less fat, higher omega 3 fat content and higher amounts of vitamins A, E and cancer fighting antioxidants.

Sourcing Local
Local – Food in America travels an average of 1500 miles to get to your plate. Due to the decreased time from farm to fork, local food is less likely to decrease in nutrient value. Typically, local meats have been raised without hormones or antibiotics and have grazed and eaten natural diets. Buying local decreases the use of fuel and pollution, decreases the effects on the environment, supports the local economy and promotes a safer food supply.

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