Thomas Cuisine Management

White Papers

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Why White Papers? Foodservice goes beyond the simple provision of something to eat. Thomas Cuisine Management serves a large sampling of customers, many of which are healthcare facilities who need effective foodservice strategies to aid their efforts in healing and recovery. This fact has inspired us to be a model for better food provisions, with special attention around quality food …


Leadership in Foodservice

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Excellence in your foodservice department begins with leadership. Thomas Cuisine Management is committed to creating a culture of employee engagement and continuous learning by having a robust education and development program for all employees. Thomas Cuisine has partnered with Vital Smarts to deploy leadership, change management, and communication workshops for all clients and employees of our company. Thomas Cuisine’s success begins …

Community Involvement

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Our employees and management team are not just leaders in the foodservice industry, but also within their immediate communities. We foster community by contributing food and time to important local causes throughout the Western United States and beyond. Thomas Cuisine and its dedicated foodservice professionals participate in and sponsor many different charitable events, individual endeavors, and company-wide donation drives. We …

Culinary Philosophy

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Thomas Cuisine Management’s dietitians and nutritionists work to create health-conscious recipes using local, seasonal fare. With detailed nutritional analysis reporting, we can show your foodservice customers the quantifiable difference that healthy, local eating makes. Local food requires local commitment. While we are certainly happy to see more companies talking about local food sourcing and sustainable practices, Thomas Cuisine Management enjoys …


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Healthy employees are even-keeled, have more energy and are mentally prepared to provide consistently outstanding service. We encourage employee wellness with a number of programs that emphasize making the smart food choice rather than the easy one. From nutritional education to wellness stipends, our foodservice team knows firsthand the positive difference that healthy food choices make.


Client Testimonials

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Thomas Cuisine Management maintains a culture in which clients feel they are put first. We welcome our client’s feedback and are honored when they take the time to help others find exceptional foodservice through our company. The testimonials below are examples of our satisfied clients who stick with Thomas Cuisine Management year after year, enjoying exceptional foodservice and a business …