Cuisine on Call

Cuisine on Call℠: Room Service Patient Dining

Cuisine on Call℠ is Thomas Cuisine's solution to improving patient satisfaction, ensuring nutritional compliance, reducing food waste and enhancing efficiency. Our room service program reduces duplicate and late trays inherent with conventional tray delivery systems. The most notable features include the following:

  • A comprehensive, restaurant-style menu
  • Menu focus on healthy nutritional offering
  • Trained and knowledgeable nutrition staff
  • Flexible meal times
  • Processes and systems in tandem with technology to increase accuracy
  • Proven results against industry benchmarks
  • A comprehensive marketing and communications plan

Benefits to the hospital...

  • Patient food costs are lower
  • Nursing can focus more on patient care
  • Diet accuracy improvement
  • Patient satisfaction scores increase
  • Potential competitive advantage

"I looked at the booklet of foods and meals you could order. Since I wasn’t a patient, the menu looked like something from a first-class restaurant. Ordering food is no longer a meal on a plate given to you by a nurse on their schedule. You eat when you want, and what you want, as long as it fits in with your treatment."

Paul Crowner
Chronicle Columnist
Writing about Providence Centralia

"Thomas Cuisine Management is great to work with. They help us control costs - that's their strong suit. When they first came on board, they helped us rectify a situation and have since vastly improved the quality of our food service and helped us control costs at the same time. I have recommended them to others."

St. Patrick Hospital