Your vending machines should provide more than just a few snacks and sodas to satisfy your employees’ and guests’ cravings. Vending machines represent an oasis in a person’s day. Whether it’s chocolate to soothe the nerves, a bag of chips to compliment lunch or an afternoon energy boost, vending machines can play an important role in the vitality of your workplace.

What sets Thomas Cuisine’s professional vending services apart:

  1. Machines that are clean, filled and working
  2. Professional route representatives
  3. Product variety
  4. State-of-the-art equipment
  5. Accountability
  6. Healthy options

Healthy vending options are an important part of your overall product offering. We merchandise all healthy products down the right side of the machine to make them easy to find. Our goal is to have at least 25% of the options in each machine meet this designation.

TCM is one of the first companies to install SEED wireless devices in our machines to track real-time use of our machines.  With this amazing technology, we quickly see when a machine has a problem, we always know how much of each product is available, and we change the product mix based on your employees needs.

It also means we have less environmental impact.  Instead of showing up every Wednesday, our machines report in 7-8 times per day, every day.  We show up when the machines need to be filled - no more, no less.

"Thomas Cuisine Management has exceeded my expectations in every facet of our recently installed vending program. They keep the machines stocked and clean and are very responsive to our every need. I commend TCM for running a first rate vending operation!"

Dan Fuller
Idaho Power Company

"To date, we have had nothing but great service.  Aaron has always been prompt in addressing any equipment issues that arise, as well as being prompt in keeping our machines full.  All the companies we have teamed with in the past promised great service and more often than not, our lofty expectation have not been met.  Aaron provides the level of great customer service that we expect.  He puts forth great effort in making sure that we feel as we are the most important account on the books."

Kurt Alderman
Meridian Boys & Girls Club