Catering is not just about serving food, it is about orchestrating an event. We understand the importance of delivering well-executed caterings. Whether it is a lunchtime meeting, a sit-down dinner for international guests, or a large gathering of 5,000 people, achieving remarkable outcomes requires a deliberate approach.

Our managers, with the support of their District Manager, practice the elements outlined in our comprehensive corporate catering standards manual to ensure every event is a success.

Thomas Cuisine doesn’t just focus on delivering high quality food at catered events. We focus on delivering catering excellence. These caterings offer our highly recruited chefs an opportunity to showcase their creativity, their flair and their passion for culinary distinction.

Typical functions Thomas Cuisine caters are:

  • Board meetings
  • Staff meetings
  • Holiday events
  • Summer picnics
  • BBQ's
  • Special dinners and events

"The food and presentation for the manager’s open house was absolutely wonderful. There were many comments about how impressive the food tasted. Thank you so much for the great work you did in helping the open house be a huge success. Your skills and expertise came through in a big way. You guys were great in menu selection, presentation and quality. Thanks for a job well done."

Mark Adams, CEO
Ogden Regional Medical Center
December 21, 2009