Building a Great Place to Work

Building a great place to work doesn’t happen overnight. When our company was founded by Thad Thomas over 30 years ago, he set out to build not only a worthwhile service, but also an inspiring place for the best culinarians and business leaders to converge. This year, TCM has enjoyed accolades concerning business growth and employee satisfaction. According to Food Management, TCM has been recognized as both a Top Ten Riser and ranked at #18 in the Top 50 U.S. non commercial contract management companies. Additionally, TCM also gained local recognition as one of the Top Ten Best Places to Work in Idaho due to exceptional performance in the areas of compensation, benefits, employee growth and development, work-life balance, workplace environment, and company management. We are honored to be recognized for these elements as a company, and are grateful to our clients and employees who ensure the follow-through to our promise of providing REAL Food, Genuine Service and Enduring Relationships. With gratitude, we look back at some of the founding principles that have proven beneficial to our success over the past thirty years. By continuing to honor these elements in our approach to food service, our employees, and our clients, we will continue to build some of the most enjoyable and flexible teams to work with in food and management.

Elements of TCM’s Vision

  • Create and build a company that is considered unique, special and different by those we serve, the associates we employ, and our competitors.
  • Create an entrepreneurial, fun, demanding, rewarding work environment that people gravitate towards, enjoy working in – and partly because of that, stick around to help accomplish the vision.
  • Have fun, work hard and in the process of doing so enjoy each other’s company and especially the idiosyncrasies.
  • Be generous with your people, especially those who, for whatever reasons, do not have a great deal.
  • Believe in people and conduct yourself in such a way as to insure they will believe in you.


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