Our Story

Our Story is About REAL Food

It’s about leadership and innovation, and it’s about developing enduring relationships with companies that believe foodservice is an important part of their workplaces and their identity in the communities where they work and live.

Our Story is Authentic

The images on this website are representative of actual employees, customers and Thomas Cuisine meals. Every day our dedicated teams work to make a difference in the lives of our clients and, in turn, their customers. Quality foodservice management is our passion, and REAL food made from scratch with fresh ingredients has a direct and positive impact on the people, organizations, and communities in which we operate.

Starting in our garage in 1986 with a belief that hospital food could be better, we have steadily grown into new markets. Today we provide excellent service across United States. While our garage-start-up story isn’t well-known, our fresh perspective, honest leadership and desire to create enduring customer partnerships have touched the lives of countless people and fueled our success.

Thomas Cuisine has never focused on being the biggest foodservice company. Instead, we focus on being the best foodservice company. From our very humble beginnings, this emphasis on delivering on promises and exceeding expectations has grown our business into perhaps the greatest value in the foodservice industry.

Thomas Cuisine Management’s brand resonates clear messages about our culture: customer and employee satisfaction, nutritious food, sustainable practices, and an unwillingness to let our business be only about the bottom line. Our brand indicates our readiness and courage to foster positive changes with purpose, and to demonstrate a healthy balance of spirit, awareness and execution.

If our story generates interest with you, know that we will work hard to become your trusted, long-term foodservice provider.