About Us

Welcome to Thomas Cuisine Management, where we are dedicated to providing unparalleled food management services for hospitals, corporations, and colleges. TCM continues to grow in progressive organizations throughout the Western United States. Our business purpose has never changed: provide great food, genuine service and enduring relationships.

Our specialty is in delivering deliciously tempting food, personal touch, operational excellence, integrity, and culinary creativity. We provide the greatest value in our industry. Our organization remains nimble enough to customize programs and large enough to minimize cost while maximizing value. Most importantly, we consistently earn our place as a valued part in each of our client's operational teams.

Our Mission: Great Food, Genuine Service, Enduring Relationships 

Our Operational Philosophy:
Scratch Cooking (fresher, healthier, lower cost & better quality)
+ Made to Order Cuisine (reduces waste & empowers patients)
+ Passionate Focus on Service (creates an energetic environment & valued employee benefit)
= Thomas Cuisine Management

"TCM has turned the dining facility at the hospital into a gourmet extravaganza! The daily entrees are superb...much better than many of the local restaurants. I never thought I’d look forward to eating in a hospital cafeteria as much as I do now."

Evergreen Hospital
Bellevue, WA